Nurturing Spaces: Crafting the Therapeutic Classroom Experience

Nurturing Spaces: Crafting the Therapeutic Classroom Experience2024-05-13T15:57:32+00:00

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Nurturing Spaces: Crafting the Therapeutic Classroom Experience, a pioneering training programme designed for educators who wish to transform their classrooms into havens of mental and emotional wellbeing.

This course equips participants with the understanding and skills to create a classroom environment that not only supports academic success but also promotes psychological safety and emotional health. Through interactive sessions, real-world examples, and expert guidance, educators will learn to integrate therapeutic principles into everyday teaching practices, fostering a nurturing space conducive to learning and persona growth for students.

Course Information

Coffee Break Learning Couch Session
9.30am – 10.45am 4.00pm – 5.15pm
£59 £59
7th November 2024 6th February 2025

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Course Objectives

Gain insight into the elements that make a classroom environment therapeutic, including emotional safety, inclusivity and supportive interpersonal interactions2024-05-13T15:02:42+00:00
Learn specific strategies and techniques for designing a classroom setting that reduces stress, enhance comfort and promote positive mental health.2024-05-13T15:04:04+00:00
Explore how mindful teaching practices can be used to enhance the therapeutic qualities of your classroom, supporting both the cognitive and emotional needs of students.2024-05-13T15:06:41+00:00
Equip students with the skills to manage their emotions effectively, foster resilience and thrive in both academic and social spheres.2024-05-13T15:07:51+00:00
Understand methods for assessing the impact of a therapeutic classroom environment on student wellbeing and academic performance and learn how to make iterative improvements based on feedback and outcomes.2024-05-13T15:09:27+00:00

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What our Customers Say

Kelly Hannaghan is a wellbeing professional of the highest calibre. She specialises in sensible practical steps that schools, pupils and staff can adopt to improve their mental health and overall performance. At The Primary First Trust, she has designed and implemented bespoke programmes that have had real, tangible results in our community and rightly attracted nationwide attention for their innovation and effectiveness. She is warm, inspirational and a joy to work with.

Andrew Moorhouse, The Primary First Trust
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